Adventures with Queen of Quartz

Yukon Gold - 2021


The world famous Klondike goldfields are located in the unglaciated part of west-central Yukon, Canada. Since their discovery over 100 years ago, they have produced an estimated 311 tonnes of gold, primarily from bench and creek placers that are fluvial in origin and range from Pliocene to Holocene in age.  They extend from the Klondike River south to the Indian River, and from the Yukon River east to Flat Creek, covering an area of approximately 2000 km2.

Camp Security - Pepper the Dog

The Drive to Stowe Creek

Stowe Creek Camp 

The Crew

Mining Gold

The Gold

Time to Go

Flight Over Yukon

Yukalm Moments

Fossil Dig - Texas Hill Country

Glen Rose Limestone Formation which is apart of the lower Cretaceous Geologic Era approximately 100 -150 million years old.   Finding now extinct Protocardia clams known as Texas Hearts as well as other fossils.  These were found at almost 1400 ft above sea level.